The IMAC Plan

IMAC Digest (or International Magazine of Architectural Construction) is a publication based on do-it-yourself construction & repair for your home or business. We're a local magazine that helps provide tips & tricks to help you with whatever project you might have.

Our publication is here to help you with any type of home issues you might be facing, from internal issues like plumbing & electric, to family moves and home care. While we offer advice on all of these things, our primary focus is on the architecture and foundation issues that might be facing your home.

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Our Website is meant to home the articles and ideas that make up our magazine. IMAC Digest is a publication meant to help spread our tips & advice that can help you with whatever home work you may have. You can head over to our articles page to see all of the articles we've published thus far. You might even see an article that hasn't even made it to the magazine yet. And if you're looking to stay updated on the latest tips & tricks from IMAC, just subscribe to our newsletter and you'll receive our advice before anyone else does!

Digest Do-Gooders

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